After managing to dodge tags for quite some time, I’ve been tagged twice this week. Both PJ van de Sande and Marcel Boersma tagged me, so here we go…

  1. We named our cat after a dog
    Our cat’s name is ‘Dribbel’, which is the Dutch name for the dog ‘Spot‘. The most important reason for naming the cat like that, is because of a big white spot on its back and a smaller black spot on its nose. Next to that, ‘dribbelen’ is Dutch for a certain way of walking which Dribbel does too… And of course, we just liked the name ;).

  2. I’m a Stephen King fan
    Not only do I have 20+ Stephen Kings movies on DVD, I also have many of his books. Some of them in Dutch, but most of them in English because sometimes stuff gets lost in translation. And I like the original stuff better. At this point I still think Storm of the Century is the best film based on a Stephen King book. Especially because the movie takes you through more than 6 hours of suspense, without ever getting boring. Other great films based on a King book (in no particular order): The shining (Here’s Johnny!), Dreamcatcher, The green mile, The Shawshank redemption, etc…….

  3. I play in musicals
    Currently I have played in three productions of the Veldhovense Revue (link to Dutch site). It’s a musical-kind-of-thing with a custom written story that references current affairs in Veldhoven, a village next to Eindhoven. It has been quite a lot of fun, so I’m looking in to doing a bit more than ‘only’ play in the revue every 2 years. But because each revue has about 1 year of rehearsing, time’s kinda short. And yes, occasionaly I had to dance. Or ‘move’ as I like to call it :D.

  4. The origin of my nickname (Gump)
    When I was in college, a friend of mine always called me ‘from the forrest’, as that is my last name roughly translated into English. It took my fellow students about 6 months to come up with the link to Forrest Gump. Since that day they started calling me Gump. After a few months I accepted it and started using it myself. I actually kinda like it… 😉

  5. I wanted to become a doctor
    When I just started high school, I wanted to become a doctor. A children’s doctor to be precise. I was always fascinated with medical stuff, and I wanted to work with children. Becoming a children’s doctor seemed the perfect option combining the two. During high school my interests changed, and lots of things happened in my personal life that made me reconsider about what I wanted to become. Around that time, my brother attended technical college and had to program a Censim via our 486. That made me turn… A few weeks later I had made my first program in Pascal. A couple of months later a career test pointed me towards software development. I have no regret whatsoever about the choice I made: I’m lovin’ it!

So there you have it. Five things you probably didn’t know about me. Or didn’t want to know ;). It’s pretty hard finding 5 people who haven’t been tagged yet. I’ll give it a try, but I might tag people who have been tagged already…