Lots of stuff happened the past few months, so it’s time for a personal update. Here we go…

  • I’ll be attending an MSF4 Agile Masterclass @ Microsoft in July

  • In August my girlfriend and I will be the proud owners of a house in Grasrijk (a part of Eindhoven). We can’t wait … !

  • Because of this, our apartment in Eindhoven is for sale right now (for pictures and info: www.rickje.nl – Dutch)

  • I’m about to release the first version of some generic WebControls I developed

  • The second part of this year we will be giving a Basic training .Net for colleagues again. Maybe this time for colleagues from other locations too!

  • I finally updated my linkedin profile and joined hyves (Dutch)

  • I am currently reading ( recommended ):
    Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, and Practices by Robert C. Martin
    Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns : With Examples in C# and .NET by Jimmy Nilsson

  • I’m participating in a musical (for the third time), which will be performed 14 times in December in De Schalm in Veldhoven (for info: www.veldhovenserevue.nl – Dutch)

That’s it for now. At least, if I don’t think of anything else soon… 😉