Hi, I’m Rick / rickvdbosch.

I write code, do stuff in the cloud, architect cloud systems, do talks and write blog posts. Among other things…

Image of Rick van den BoschI’m a husband and proud father of 2 boys. Living in the south of The Netherlands, in the beautiful province of North-Brabant, some call me a ‘Brabo’. And I’m proud to be one.

I love to watch and play soccer and do the occasional run. Although I like to game, I have hardly been able to find the time so it’s been a while.

A long, long time ago…

It all started when I started playing with a Commodore 64. I used to load games by (re)winding the attached tape deck to the right location based on the counter and loading games from there. Even small differences in the counters between different tape decks could cost you a lot of time.

After that my interest in computers grew with each machine I encountered. I remember saving up for months to be able to go and buy myself 8 MB of RAM memory, doubling the amount of RAM of my 486. We’ve come a long way since then, and there’s still so much more to come. What a great time to be in software development!


During my education in Higher Informatics I started working in the software development business somewhere early 1999. Over the years I’ve worked as a developer, lead developer, team lead, project leader and software architect. The last years I expanded my architecture skills focusing on Cloud Architecture. Microsoft Azure is my Cloud platform of choice. In May 2019 I’ve been rewarded with the Microsoft Azure MVP award.

I’ve been working at Betabit as a consultant since September 2012. Do you want to contact me but don’t want to use any of the below? Go to my contact page.


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If you want to search for me, use rickvdbosch as the search term since this is the name I use on most online profiles.