It’s been a while since I’ve been blogging, because my project has been extremely hectic. Now I’m enjoying a week off, so I’ve got time for toys now… 😉

One of these toys was going to be Windows XP Media Center Edition. I installed it, bought a compatible TV card together with a MCE remote and yep: everything is working fine. At least, as long as I am watching it on my monitor. As soon as I switch to TV (through the TV Out on my GeForce Ti4800 SE) there’s trouble. I found that when Media Center is not maximized, it shows up on my TV. But when I try to maximize it, it garbles up the image up to a point where you cannot even recognize Media Center in it. It feels like the TV doesn’t support the refresh rate or something, but I can’t alter that in my NVidia driver.

I’ve tried a different TV format, DualView, SingleView on the TV only, Clone, but every time Media Center is maximized on the TV, it’s bye bye sharp image. I’m thinking the not-so-new TV I’ve got might be the problem, or maybe the TV Out on my GeForce is not up to par. Anyway: I still got a few days to figure this out, and when I do I’ll let you know. If you’ve got some pointers: let me know.

Ramon asked me what kind of connection I’m using: I use an s-video cable to connect my PC to my TV. The Media Center is set to use this kind of connection.