It’s almost here… Next monday me and about 30 LogicaCMG colleagues will be heading to Redmond. I’m pretty excited: we’ll be attending some pretty cool sessions, and some of us will get the opportunity to take a look at Microsofts vision of the future home in their Microsoft Home. Besides that I’ll stay a few days longer, so I can see something of America. My first trip over there ever … !

Lately there have been some big changes at our house. Because my girlfriend and I both played in a musical through December, most of the chores were ignored. The past week and a half we catched up on some of them. Or actually, on a lot of them. We closed two holes in walls which were there because of bathroom remoddeling, painted those walls, mounted our new TV to the wall in the bedroom, got two sidetables, ordered lamps for the dining area and much, much more. Our house is becoming a home more and more.

I’m using my Xbox a lot. Now no longer as just a games console, but also as an extender for my Media Center*, as a means to keep in contact with friends and as part of my home cinema system. I think the HD-DVD player (is there an ETA for Europe?) and IPTV (Dutch article) will contribute to the further success of the Xbox. And of course, it’s a great games console. Gears of War anyone?

Last but not least, I changed the look of this blog, as you might have noticed. Not really usefull information, but I thought it put it in here… ;). I’ve picked up blogging again, so stay tuned for more howto’s, code snippets, solutions for problems and so on.

* I’m still looking for a way to transport the entire TV signal (all channels) through air or the electrical network in my house. Suggestions are welcome!