Usergroups & conferences

Ive been a speaker on several different types of events, from private to public and from local to international. I’ve done several talks for usergroups like WAZUG (the Dutch Azure Usergroup), .NET Zuid (a .NET usergroup in the South of The Netherlands) and Azure Thursdays. Next to this, I do talks at conferences like Techorama, …

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WAZUG 2015

The WAZUG NL (the We ❤ AZure User Group NL) is the Dutch Azure user group. Here’s a fun fact: the name used to stand for “Windows AZure User Group”. Because Microsoft renamed Windows Azure to be Microsoft Azure, they had to get creative with the meaning of their abbreviation. I think they did a …

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Not your daddy's dotnet
.NET Core: Not your daddy’s dotnet

On March 29 2017 Oscar van Tol and I did a talk about .NET Core, ASP.Net Core and EF Core. We both did talks before. However, this was the first one in front of a big crowd (approx. 100 developers). We did live coding/demo’s and… it was our first duo talk. Preparing for something like …

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I work at Betabit, where I’m part of the Eindhoven office. Opinions expressed on this website are my own and do not necessarily reflect the view of my employer. They might though…

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