Last tuesday evening I ordered them, and just over an hour ago they came in: my new toys. I’m talking about my brandnew Canon EOS 400D!!! I started out with the kit lens (18-55), and I’ll get going with that, trying some stuff with this lens. And I just might order another in the future, but you have to start somewhere, right 😉

I immediately made some shots, and I’m glad I bought the camera already. Maybe I’ll post some pics I make in the future. And by the way: if anyone has any tips on some good (online) photography courses, let me know, or drop a line in the comments. 😉

I remembered I had a tripod laying around here somewhere. I asked for it a couple of years ago, to use with my Sony DSC S85. I never used it extensively, but that’s gonna change now my new friend is here! For those of you who are interested: I have a Giottos VT-808 tripod. I added a picture on the right.

Happy (photo) snapping!