The single player mode feels like a multiplayer game, with excellent gameplay. Certain parts of the game are pretty creepy, and I like it that there are some surprising elements in there. Sometimes you expect something to happen, which doesn’t. And when you least expect it…. So the (story in the) game is original. That makes a game interesting to play. One of the things I like a lot is that you can use almost everything your opponents use, like vehicles and weapons
The multiplayer part is just great. I played online with some friends this weekend, and we had a blast!

Me like … !

By the way: I somehow lost my saved game. I already reached the sixth level, but when I started playing yesterday, the only option I had was ‘Start solo game’ in stead of ‘Continue solo game’. I’m in level three again, but that kinda sucks. Maybe it has something to do with my Xbox freezing up when I used it as a media center extender. On the other hand, that might be odd, because Halo wasn’t even running at that point.