A Halo 3 video has been posted at the Microsoft website, which can be found through the Bungie website. The article containing the link starts out with this next sentence:

Maybe you’ve heard of him, maybe you haven’t… but around Microsoft, Mr. Jukes has established a name for himself as a tireless, hardcore and fanatical player of Halo who isn’t too shabby in the video production department either.

You can find the complete article here. But most important: take a look at the video which is available here (right click, save target as). I think it displays great gameplay and nice image rendering. I know one thing for sure: that game will be mine as soon as it’s available. What a great time we live in ;).

By the way:
Before you check out Mr. Jukes’ Halo 3 video debut, please keep in mind that this video was produced using the internal beta version of Halo 3. This means it’s a bit older than what the rest of the world will start playing in the next few days. It also means that it has all sorts of debug text all over it – this won’t be in the version you get your hands on. And, this was fully sanctioned and approved by Bungie – unlike some of those other “leaked” videos that have ended up online.

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