Yesterday I remembered two Visual Studio options Sara Ford told about in a presentation of her I attended a while back. Changing them made me happy… 🙂

Zero-impact projects
When I have to test something real quick, I tend to create a new project in Visual Studio and scribble some code to test whatever I want to test at that point. This causes my project directory to be filled with projects named ‘WindowsFormsApplication14’ or something like that. To make this stop, go to Tools – Options – Projects and Solutions – General. Uncheck the option ‘Save new projects when created’. This way those newly made (and shortly used) projects aren’t saved untill you explicitly tell Visual Studio to do so. No more ‘WindowsFormsApplication63’ for you! Unless you want to name it that way intentionally, of course…

Cutting/copying empty lines
We probably all experienced this at one time or another: you select some code, copy it, go to an empty line where you want to past the code…….and you press CTRL + C by accident. With the default settings, you just copied an empty line and have lost the stuff you copied earlier. But with this next option, empty lines won’t get copied or cut anymore! Go to Tools – Options – Text Editor – All languages (or just the language you want to change this setting for) and deselect the option ‘Apply Cut or Copy commands to blank lines when there is no selection’.