When installing Windows Vista on a MacBook Pro, the default driver for the Wireless Network Adapter doesn’t function properly. To get the Wireless Network Adapter to work, first install the Boot Camp Services by inserting your OS X DVD and running the setup. Next you need to install the Boot Camp 2.1 update. You can download that one by running Apple Software Update, which is installed as part of the Boot Camp Services. And that’s where things go wrong… The Boot Camp update installation downloads properly, but doesn’t complete.

The reason the update doesn’t install properly? The Boot Camp 2.1 update is American only and therefore expects to find a key in the registry with the decimal value 1033 (American English). Since the Windows version we installed was Dutch, the update couldn’t complete.

How to fix this issue
To fix this problem, follow the steps below:

  • Open the registry editor
  • Search for the ProductName key with the value ‘Boot Camp Services’ (for the Dutch version, this was ‘Boot Camp-Services’), located under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTInstaller and then some…
  • Double click the Language key in that same location to open it
  • Change the value to 409 (Hex) or 1033 (Decimal)
  • Reboot the machine and install the Boot Camp update
  • That’s it!

Hope this helps.