While cleaning up the app registrations in my Azure Active Directory, I ran into two applications I couldn’t delete since the ‘Delete’ button is not clickable. I’ve had this happen for both application types: both Web app /API and Native.

It’s actually pretty simple to enable removing these app registrations: make sure the application is not Multi-tenanted *.

* Designates whether users in external organizations are allowed to grant your app access to data in their organization’s directory. This control affects only the ability to grant access. It does not affect any access that has already been granted.

Here’s how to fix this for each application type:

Web app /API app registrations

It turns out solving this one is really simple:

  1. Go to the app registrationMulti-tenanted
  2. Open up the properties
  3. Find the ‘Multi-tenanted’ option and switch it to ‘No’
  4. Save the properties and you’re good to go

Native app registrations

Now when trying to go about this the same way with a Native app registration, you’ll find you cannot changed its multi-tenancy in the Azure portal. At least you can’t do that directly in the portal by simply clicking one button. But there is a way:

  1. Go to the app registration
  2. Click the ‘Manifest’ button on top of the app registration blade
  3. Click the ‘Edit’ button on top of the Manifest blade
  4. Find the ‘availableToOtherTenants’ setting and change the value to be ‘false’
  5. Click ‘Save’ and you’re good to go

Hope this helps.