Do you live in or near The Netherlands? Would you like to know everything there is to know about Serverless Computing? Join Oscar van Tol and myself on September 20th. We will be presenting the knowledge session “Dude, Where’s my Server?” organised by Betabit and Blaak Selectie. If you don’t need any additional information and just want to reserve a spot, send an email to [email protected] with your name and phone number. If you need a bit more context, keep reading.

Serverless is HOT

We can’t deny it: Serverless computing is hot. The true pay-per-use model that it is associated with is getting more and more interesting for customers. But not only that; there are several benefits we can attribute to it. If we only look at costs, we can see reduced operational and infrastructural costs. Dependent on the usage scenario, you might also be looking at reduced development and/or scaling costs.

But there are more benefits, apart from costs. Think of a shorter time to market, improved latency and geolocation and of course enhanced scalability. This and much, much more will be part of the knowledge session September 20th.


Be advised: our session will not be a management summary of the good, the bad and the ugly on Serverless. We’re planning on showing you how to leverage its power. Not only Logic Apps, which require little to no code, will be part of the session. Azure Functions will also be a large part of it. So our session will include writing code. And preferably lots of it!

Hints & tips

If you have any tips on content we could or should cover, or have some awesome stuff that we can use: let me know by getting in contact. We’ve started preparing for this session some time ago, but we’ll be making changes up to the last minute. This way we can make sure we have the most recent information for you to hit the ground running when you want to start using Serverless.