This weekend we got back from a skiing trip we went on with the school my girlfriend works at. We had a great time! The kids were great, and so were the teachers and the Huski people who were there to teach the kids how to ski and snowboard. If they need an extra pair of hands next year, I hope they’ll consider me: I’d be happy to join them.

I ordered my new phone this weekend. I arrived home 10 minutes ago, and the postman had beaten me to it: there was a note saying they will try delivering my phone again tomorrow. I hope they’ll come when I’m at home, so I can go ahead and play with it. Boys will be boys, right? And then there’s the combination boys & toys…. 😉

My ‘old’ phone is going to my girlfriend, because some m***erf***ers broke in and stole lots of stuff, like our laptop and her PDA phone. I can’t understand why people do such a thing, why they just take something of someone else. I guess some people don’t have a bit of decency in them… ( </angry mode> )

We will be looking for a new laptop, any tips are welcome. And, of course, I’m open for buzzing / WOMM 😉