Until the Zune is available in Europe (when will that be, if ever…), I’m using an iPod. To be honest, I’m pretty satisfied with the product although iTunes still doesn’t feel like a solid piece of software… (understatement anyone?)

After lots of hours playtime the original earphones of my iPod died, or at least the right one did. I went through the Apple store and found the ‘original’ earphones over there. Because of the annoying squeaky sound the cord makes in the inside of the lower part of the earphone, I wanted to try different ones. I ended up choosing the newer (and more expensive!) Apple iPod in-ear headphones.

Some of the features:
– nicer, sleeker design
– no more squeaking
– feels better in the ears
– lousy sound quality!

After having used the new earphones for 3 minutes, I put them back in the box they came in and I haven’t touched them since. It might be me, but the sound that came from those earphones didn’t even resemble the music they were supposed to be playing. I tried virtually every equalizer setting on my iPod, but none of them could make it better. For now I’ve switched back to old school earphones that came with my discman (!) years ago. I guess I’ll be selecting new ones, again.