The past couple of days I’ve been experiencing some issues with the context menu for my Solution Explorer in Visual Studio 2010. It contained scrollbars even when there was sufficient space on the screen to show the menu without scrolling.

Searching for that issue I immediately found this blog post on The Visual Studio Blog. Taken from that post:

We’re pleased to announce that there are patches available for Visual Studio and Windows Presentation Foundation that fix this problem. You will need to install both patches to fix this issue

  1. Visual Studio 2010 patch:
  2. Windows Presentation Foundation 4.0 patch:
    1. X86: NDP40-KB2413613-x86.exe.
    2. X64: NDP40-KB2413613-x64.exe.

I installed both patches and find Visual Studio no longer shows scrollbars in my context menu when I don’t need ‘em. Next to that I am now able to scroll through the menu (when using scrollbars) by using the mousewheel. I think this didn’t work before the patches, but I can’t test my ‘before’ situation anymore…

Hope this helps.