Using Triggers & Bindings in Azure Functions V2

To start things off: yes. There’s some pretty decent documentation on all the available Triggers & Bindings in Azure Functions. Like this overview page. And you can also find documentation on specific bindings, like the Service Bus Binding. Nevertheless, I wanted to add to that documentation with some simple, real-world examples using triggers & bindings. …

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NPM publish to Azure Artifacts fails

The issue While trying to publish an NPM package to our artifacts registry in Azure DevOps, we got an error: npm failed with return code: 4294963248 The exit code for the task was -4048. Strange thing is that we have our build agents running on-prem, but running this task locally on our dev machines worked …

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Azure Thursdays

Azure Thursdays december 2018

This Thursday December 6th I’ll be speaking at Azure Thursday – December 2018. The last of the regular Azure Thursdays this year. This is a group for all developers, consultants, architects and IT professionals who want to dive into for them unknown topics related to Azure. Azure Thursday are happening every first Thursday of the …

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Getting started with the teXXmo® IoT Button

A few weeks ago I ordered some teXXmo® IoT Buttons to play around with. I wanted to jump right in, but I had to look some stuff up to be able to get it up and running, connecting to the right WiFi and IoT Hub. Here’s a short recap of how to get started with …

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Oscar and I do SCYWAWA

Supercharge your web app with Azure

Here’s a quicky: Oscar van Tol and I are joining forces again on Thursday June 21st. This time we’re telling you everything there is to know on leveraging the power of different Azure services to supercharge your web application. And the session is appropriately titled Supercharge your web application with Azure ?. Or SCYWAWA for …

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Speaking at TechDays Sweden

Session @ TechDays Sweden 2018

This morning I received an e-mail with the following message: “Congratulations! Your session Working with Microsoft Graph has been accepted for Microsoft TechDays 2018!” So it looks like I will be doing a talk on Microsoft Graph at TechDays Sweden October 24th and 25th later this year ?. There’s a few reasons for me to be looking forward …

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HowTo: invite AAD user with Microsoft Graph

One of the time consuming tasks we’re facing at my current assignment is inviting users to our Azure Active Directory tenant. Especially since we (used to) do this in the Azure Portal. We’re using Azure Active Directory B2B to which external users are invited as guests. We investigated using Microsoft Graph to automate this process. …

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Unable to remove app registrations from Azure Active Directory

Unable to remove (native) app registrations in Azure Active Directory

While cleaning up the app registrations in my Azure Active Directory, I ran into two applications I couldn’t delete since the ‘Delete’ button is not clickable. I’ve had this happen for both application types: both Web app /API and Native. It’s actually pretty simple to enable removing these app registrations: make sure the application is …

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Rick van den Bosch @ TechDays 2017

Hands-on with Azure Event Grid

I’ve done another session on Serverless, this time at the Techdays in The Netherlands. The TechDays were held October 12 & 13 in the Amsterdam RAI. My session was partially based on the “Dude, Where’s my Server?” talk I did earlier this year. The main focus for the talk this time: Azure Event Grid. Serverless, Azure …

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Serverless computing

Serverless computing: “Dude, Where’s my Server?”

Do you live in or near The Netherlands? Would you like to know everything there is to know about Serverless Computing? Join Oscar van Tol and myself on September 20th. We will be presenting the knowledge session “Dude, Where’s my Server?” organised by Betabit and Blaak Selectie. If you don’t need any additional information and just want …

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Developer goodies

So many new (.NET) goodies!

The people over at Microsoft have been working hard and have delivered a lot of stuff. That makes for a nice start after the holidays! So there’s a lot of cool stuff available to play with. I created some simple and easy to remember links for all of these goodies. Feel free to use and distribute …

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TypeScript build error TS2322

In one of the projects I’m currently working on we’re using an ASP.NET Core Web API with an Angular front-end. We’re using ADAL.js as an Azure Active Directory Authentication Library and ng2-adal for integration with Angular. To get the type declarations for all these packages in TypeScript we use The Future of Declaration Files. Some time …

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Hack Yourself First Hoodie

Security workshop: Hack Yourself First

My employer Betabit hosted a Hack Yourself First workshop by Troy Hunt on Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th of June. Because we are always looking to improve, this was a great opportunity to tune up our security skills. We had a great time, got terrified and most of all: we learned a lot. You think you …

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Scott Hanselman @ Build 2017

Build 2017

Earlier this year two colleagues and I attended Microsoft Build for the first time. In short: it was amazing. For those looking for more info: here’s a short recap on what we saw and did while we were there. Keynotes Yes, I’ve watched Build keynotes of earlier editions online. And yes, it felt big and …

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IE shows binding in select instead of value using AngularJS

Part of the system we are developing uses AngularJS. Because we had an increase in the use of our system, and more diverse configurations were using our system, we got some new bugs filed. One of these bugs was about a select list showing the binding in stead of the actual value for several options. Since …

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