Wednesday and thursday I attended the first part of a BizTalk 2006 course at Class-A. Next week I’ll be finishing the course (tuesday and wednesday). I have to say that the trainer/coach who gives the course (Astrid Hackenberg) really knows what she’s talking about. At this point the 12 (?) people attending the course have not yet come up with a question she couldn’t answer.

The first two days weren’t very difficult, I think because they were an introduction to the basics of BizTalk. This combined with the fact I already played around with BizTalk 2004 some time ago made that the first two days were easy to follow for me. On the other side, the understandable way things are presented helps. 😉

I’m looking forward to learning more about the possibilities of BizTalk 2006 next week. If I encounter shocking stuff, I’ll let you know.