At my current project, I’m trying to bring some structure in our visual Studio projects. But I’m finding myself not sure about how far I should go. Maybe you should know I tend to be something of a purist. At the moment, we created a project with a single class, because it didn’t belong anywhere else. So we created a client specific ‘Common’ project and put the one file there.
On one hand it is how it should be: the file had nothing to do in any of the other projects, so it should be in a separate project. On the other: it’s about one file! A class with only four properties. Isn’t it some kind of overkill putting it in a separate project?

I think this is the way it should be, mostly because things should be where they need to be, not where they end up because of developer laziness or something like that. And besides, other classes will probably follow soon. People might think putting a single (simple) class in a separate project is one step too far…

I’m curious what you guys think. Drop me a line in the comments.