I already stated it at Paul Gielens’ post about the SQL Server 2008 CTP: software (development) is about to hit puberty, if it hasn’t done so already. Looking at the rate (big!) new things are coming our way, you have to agree we’re entering a new level in software (development). Take a look at things like AJAX, the upcoming entity framework combined with SQL Server 2008, Acropolis, the upcoming versions of the .Net framework, Microsoft Surface and many, many more. Probably just like lots of you out there, I’m just happy to be in this business at these (exciting) times.

A bit more on Surface: the Surface website does not only illustrate the power of the table (through the videos), it illustrates the power of the concept (have a look at origins – future).

“As form factors continue to evolve, surface computing will be in any number of environments – schools, businesses, homes and any number of form factors – part of the countertop, the wall or the refrigerator”

Imagine coming home from the supermarket, touching your fridge with the groceries and getting numerous recipies accompanied by instruction videos on how to make a lovely dinner with your new groceries, combined with what you have in the fridge…
I’ll just repeat what Paul said: exciting times! 😉