This is my first post using Windows Live Writer Beta 2. I must say, it looks nicer than the first beta (having a Windows Vista-proof UI), but that’s not all… Some of the features that were added are pretty darn cool (auto-ping on post, table editing) or just plain good (use the same window for multiple posts, finally!). I am missing the spelling checker though… My first feeling: this is a pretty big step ahead for Windows Live Writer.

And now for something completely different…
My laptop stopped working properly yesterday. I think one of the Windows Updates has crippled my laptop’s Windows installation. Although I can take over the Exchange Server through Remote Desktop Connection, my Outlook can’t reach it. And while Windows Live Messenger is up and running (and connected of course 😉 ), my IE7 ‘cannot display’ any webpages. I’ve already uninstalled an update which I thought would be the culprit, but that didn’t turn this for the better. I guess I’ll be trying to solve this one this weekend… If someone has a clue what could be the problem: let me know!

I think for me this is the post feauturing the Most Capitals Insinde a Sentence!