The last weeks have been filled with holidays and introductional days at my new employer. Because of that, I haven’t had the time to realy dive into Visual Studio 2008, although I have played around with it since the RTM version was available. Since this week I’ve been writing some serious code in VS2008 for my new personal site (more about this later!). I can only agree with what Pieter de Bruin said in his post about the new line of developer tools and additions: “If you are building .NET 2.0 applications, you really should take a look at all of the above”.

I’m already loving working with VS 2008. There have been numerous ‘big’ additions and changes which make a developers life so much easier. But how about all the little ones? The ability to run a unittest from the contextmenu of the code editor, the ‘remove unused usings’ possibility (finally!), the enhanced properties form for project properties and so on. All those changes are great! I’m curious what you think are the best additions/changes in Visual Studio 2008. Care to share? Add your favorite at my ‘Best Visual Studio 2008 enhancements‘ list at Listas.