After searching a bit, I found a way to disable specific Code Analysis rules for a team build. Or at least I thought so… The RunCodeAnalysis tag in my build.proj file is set to ‘Always’ to override the individual project settings, and I added the ‘CodeAnalysisRules’ tag to exclude some rules as a test. (See below for a part of the build.proj file.) I ran a few builds, but the tag doesn’t seem to do what is supposed to. But when you use that tag in a project file, Visual Studio does recognize it as a valid tag… 

Unfortunately the build seems to execute all the rules, including the ones I tried to exclude by putting them in the CodeAnalysisRules tag with a ‘-‘ before them. I’m trying to find out if it is possible to exclude specific rules through the build file. I know it is possible to do so by putting the stuff in the CodeAnalysisRules tag my project file, but with a solution of 98 projects, this is not realy an option. 😉
I’ll keep you posted. And, as always, if you have any idea: drop me a line.

Snippet build.proj file:


Edit 1
I tried Jan’s suggestion (see the comments) and moved the ‘-‘ sign from in front if the Microsoft name to behind the #. This did not result in any rules being ignored either. So, unfortunately, our build still checks all rules, including the ones we don’t want it to check.
By the way, I know I can set Code Analysis rules as a check-in policy, and migrate those settings to the solution, but at this point it’s not possible to check out al of the 98 projects: several colleagues have projects checked out, and we’re working towards a deadline, so …

Edit 2
I also tried the suggestion David Kean posted over here, but to no avail. This might work for a project, but does not when entered in a TFS Build project. It looks like I will have to change the code analysis for all projects separately, in stead of being able to set it once for all projects in a build/solution. 🙁