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Technology, Entertainment, Design

Because of (a movie on) Microsofts cool new projects SeaDragon and PhotoSynth (which doesn’t seem to run from behind the firewall over here), I found the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference website. There are some pretty impressive talks to be found there. And some are plain hilarious. There’s one I enjoyed a lot: founder Jeff Bezos’ talk “After the …

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Of Windows Live Writer Beta 2 and crippling Windows updates

This is my first post using Windows Live Writer Beta 2. I must say, it looks nicer than the first beta (having a Windows Vista-proof UI), but that’s not all… Some of the features that were added are pretty darn cool (auto-ping on post, table editing) or just plain good (use the same window for …

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Ping trouble

I signed up at technorati recently. Technorati uses ping to get the info from blogs. And BloggingAbout.Net (Community Server) supports that. Or it should… Some posts just don’t show up over there! I’ve searched a little, and saw other people were having trouble with this too. I’ll see if I can find anything and if I do, I’ll …

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Xbox 360

The past weeks have been busy for me, but especially in the evenings, with the musical I played in and all that… During the day, I had some spare time every now and again, and I wasted most of that on my Xbox 360. … loving it 😉 …XBox Live is getting more and more …

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There’s a lot to be taught by software developers

I used to think we (people working in software development) were far behind when it came to testing. Due to a few experiences over hte last few weeks this has changed… In waterfall projects, testing is at the end of the process, causing it to be the first thing to go when time gets short. In agile methods, …

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Visual Studio 2005 SP1 to ship Q3 of this year

The Visual Studio servicing page is updated: VS 2005 SP1 will ship Q3 of this year. This date seems to have has slipped before, but at least it gives us an estimated time of shipping.Taken from that page:“The types of fixes you can expect to find in this service pack are: The Hotfixes and General Distribution …

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Microsoft Sandcastle – status update

Jan Schreuder blogged about it earlier, and the buzz around Sandcastle is growing…Brenton House posted about Sandcastle last friday, stating that it might have been the day Sandcastle would be released. Unfortunately it wasn’t, so the waiting does not stop yet. It even looks like we might be waiting a little longer:“In addition we plan to include …

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New: post rating

Since we upgraded to Community Server, visitors are now able to rate posts. This way you can let the bloggers here at know what you think about the things they post. Give it a go!Find a post you would like to rate, open the comments of that post and then click ‘Rate’.

Developers! – Steve Ballmer on channel 9

View the interview Channel 9 had with Microsoft’s CEO: Steve Ballmer. The interview in short:Why does Microsoft care about developers?01:11 Why does Microsoft have an evangelism team?01:48 What is your call to action for developers right now?02:44 Microsoft is a leader in transparency and blogging. Why did you allow blogging?03:38 Time for some tough questions. …

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Online ClearType tuner

This Microsoft sites makes it possible to enable ClearType fonts in Windwos XP from a web interface (using Internet Explorer). Neat! There’s a powertoy available also…ClearType is a special way of displaying fonts that makes fonts stand out more on LCD screens. It’s almost as if you’re looking at a piece of paper with the words printed …

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Tabbed browsing in IE6

Although I don’t like Internet Explorer toolbars at all, I’m thinking about installing one. MSN toolbar V1.2 now gives your IE5.1+ browser the cool feature of tabbed browsing. This IE7 preview kind of thing is available for download together with Windows Desktop Search functionality and some more stuff. Read about the functionality here, or just …

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Funny signature

Read on my favourite forum today, in someone’s signature:”In a perfect world… spammers would get caught, go to jail, and share a cell with many men who have enlarged their penisses, taken Viagra and are looking for a new relationship.”

.Net eye opener

Currently I’m reading the Microsoft Press book “Developing web applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .Net and C# .Net” by Jeff Webb. (This book is part of the very interesting “MCAD/MCSD Self-Paced Training Kit“.) I borrowed this book from the Microsoft Library here at my new job. They’ve got a very wide variety in books! Another …

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Here we go … !

This is the first in what I hope will be a lot of posts here on my newly created weblog. I started blogging at Google’s blogger, but then I wasn’t aware of the possibilities brings you! So now I moved my blog here, to be able to give my opinion about all kinds of (developer related) stuff, …

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