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Finally, a way to preview your site in all (important) browsers

I just read this great article by Mark Voermans: Expression Web SuperPreview: Look how your site renders in various Browsers I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been waiting for this for a long, LONG time. I’ll give it a go this afternoon and let you know what I think… Update This first beta …

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‘100% code coverage, unless…’

When asked about my point of view about a guideline concerning code coverage, my answer always is: go for 100% code coverage. 100%, unless… Here is why. When the guideline for code coverage is 80% (not an uncommon guideline) the devil is in the details. Or in the 20% which is not covered to be …

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This is NOT a test.

Test Driven Development is hot, just like unit testing your software and any other kinds of (automated) testing. And as we all know: sometimes stuff that’s hot is misinterpreted, explained wrong or just simply used in a really bad way. Unfortunately, testing is no exception to this rule… Not too long ago I had a …

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