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My first BIG Visual Studio 2003 crash – Update

The last couple of years I’ve had small Visual Studio crashes, where Visual Studio stopped and asked me if I wanted to restart and reopen the current project. These crashes never meant a loss of work. Today I had the first BIG VS2K3 crash and this time it did cost me. A lot…I’m wondering why …

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Visual Studio .Net 2005 – Beta 2

Sure, I’m not the first one to blog about it. But I still didn’t want it to go unnoticed… Visual Studio .Net 2005 Beta 2 is out now. (Available for people with MSDN subscriptions).For those of you who don’t have an MSDN subscription, the Express Editions can give an idea of the power .Net 2.0 …

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.Net Refactoring

Most of you probably know about the refactoring options Visual Studio 2005 will deliver to us. For those of you who would like to experience what refactoring, using optimization, partial code generation and more feels like without waiting for VS2K5, you should try JetBrains’ ReSharper. I installed it yesterday (after have downloaded it a few weeks …

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Datagrid revised

Dino Esposito wrote an excellent article on the new and improved DataGridView control in .Net 2.0 in the .Net magazine of April this year. It explains the possibilities the newly built gridcontrol gives you. Finally a decent grid control…Curious what .Net 2.0 will bring you? This is a must read!

Source code control for Visual Studio 2005

The hype surrounding Visual Studio 2005 almost makes you not notice all the other upcoming Microsoft developer products which will accompany VS2K5. One of these products is the new source code control system. This January at the ASP.Net 2.0 roadshow in Amsterdam, Scott Guthrie (leading engineer on the ASP.Net 2.0 team) described the new source …

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Access 2003 now SourceSafe enabled

If you’ve ever worked with Access XP or earlier in combination with SourceSafe 6 and are now using Access 2003, you might miss the SourceSafe capabilities in Access. Out of the box, Access 2003 did not support putting your Access stuff in Sourcesafe. Microsoft has now released an Access 2003 add-in for this! So, if …

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Internal MS coding guidelines

Brad Abrams posted the internal MS Coding guidelines on his blog earlier this year.Interesting reading stuff!I tested my own code against these guidelines. I think I would pass…. 😉

Converting string to enumeration value

Questa posted a very usefull piece of code…It’s possible to convert a string representation of an enum back to an enum!  private enum MyEnumeration  {      FooBar,      Foo,      Bar  }  …  MyEnum foo = MyEnum.Foo;  string foobar = foo.ToString();  MyEnum bar = (MyEnum)Enum.Parse(typeof(MyEnum), foobar);At the end of this code, the variable ‘bar’ has the MyEnum value ‘Foo’, just …

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“Object does not match target type” error calling a method on an assembly loaded using reflection

Actually, the cause for this error is very small and simple. But because the error doesn’t clearly state what’s wrong and there’s not a lot to be found about this, I’ll post it here anyway… Otherwise, you might be looking for this for a while, while it’s so easy!When you are loading an assembly using …

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Parameterized queries

Stored Procedures rule, because they facilitate manipulating the dataset you get from a database or the way you are inserting or deleting data in a database without changing your application. Or your business layer for that matter. But you can’t always use stored procedures for the actions you would like your application to take. Or …

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Creating events using delegates

After promising you a post on using delegates to create events several times, I’m now using my break to post it. Because it will be a while if I wait until I can find the time… 😉As I mentioned earlier a delegate can be seen as an interface for a method. Because you don’t know …

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Is my C# application running in debug mode? or: About pre-processor directives

All I wanted to do was check if my application was running in debug-mode or in release-mode. Searching MSDN library and Google (groups) both did not deliver the solution to me. I was about to let go when, out of the blue, a webpage showed up in my browser telling me the following: Visual Studio …

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Delegates explained

Delegates can be seen as interfaces for methods. Let’s look at an example of a delegate and what it really represents. delegate double Calculation(double one, double two);All this line of code really does, is tell the class it is in that there might be one or more methods with the given signature: a method returning …

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C# XmlSerializer FileNotFound exception

When using XmlSerializer in .Net on a self-made class, you might receive the FileNotFound exception at runtime upon instantiating the serializer. You don’t get enough info to debug this problem, and the filename of the file it didn’t find can’t explain much either, because the dll-name is different ‘garbage’ every time. XmlSerializerPreCompiler to the rescue …

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ASP.Net 2.0

To be honest, I’m glad I’m not on an ASP.Net project right now. I saw ASP.Net 2.0 in action last Friday, and I would go crazy if I would have to do an ASP.Net 1.1 project now.2.0 and the new Visual Studio 2005 (Whidbey) take a lot of ‘standard work’ out of the developers’ hands, …

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