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Oscar and I do SCYWAWA

Video content šŸ“¹

Some time ago Oscar van Tol and I started creating video content for the community. We call them #Betatalks and create them because of two very important reasons: We believe in sharing knowledge It’s. So. Much. Fun. šŸ¤£ We talk about a lot of developer stuff: from “Microsoft Build 2019 Highlights” in episode 1 to …

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Iā€™m a PC

We all know the “Get a Mac” videos from Apple. And to be honest, they’re pretty funny sometimes. Most of the time… šŸ˜‰ After a horrible start with the Seinfeld commercials (no offence Jerry), Microsoft might be on to something with their new campain “I’m a PC” (Seinfeld commercials to be found there, too). They …

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iTunes 8 translation glitch

I installed iTunes 8 on our laptop, and connected an iPod to check if all worked accordingly. The iTunes was installed in Dutch, so the displayed information was also. Apparently, when you’re Dutch, you get some extra capacity on your iPod, free of charge!   iTunes displayed the free space on the iPod as being …

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Short personal update – March 2008

This weekend we got back from a skiing trip we went on with the school my girlfriend works at. We had a great time! The kids were great, and so were the teachers and the Huski people who were there to teach the kids how to ski and snowboard. If they need an extra pair of …

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Two more weird messages / mess-ups …

A Dutch web site, made in SharePoint, uses a specific ActiveX.Only the name of that control is not really specific:  The MSDN forums haven’t been available the last couple of hours.The message isn’t so pretty: Technorati tags: error, funny

Notepad translation error?

Have a look at this article at Worse Than Failure. That’s pretty funny. Or actually, pretty scary… šŸ˜ Oh and, by the way, the Rick in the article is not me ;). Technorati tags: Funny, Link

Sometimes even experts mess up

Today I received a mail from Microsoft with an invitation for an Expert session. As you can see, sometimes even the experts at Microsoft let a glitch through…(Translation of the text inside the circle: Dear sir, madam [personalize],)