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The number of fractional digits is out of range?

After extending a textbox with a NumberUpDownExtender, which comes with the AJAX Control Toolkit, I recieved the error “the number of fractional digits is out of range”. This happened when debugging my web application and using the extender. When using the web app in non-debug mode, nothing happened. This included the value change ‘not happening’. Fortunately, this one was REALY …

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Error connecting to undo manager

 While developing a web application for a friend of mine, I ran into a Visual Studio error message I hadn’t seen before: Error connecting to undo manager of source file ‘D:DevelopmentSomeWeb ApplicationDefault.master.designer.cs’. The error occured whenever I tried to start the (web) application in debug mode. The application did start OK after the error message …

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Error adding an OleDb Data Connection to Visual Studio Server Explorer

The error I’m getting when setting up an OleDB connection to an Access database* via the Server Explorer in Visual Studio 2008 is ‘Format of the initialization string does not conform to specification starting at index 0’. The screen doesn’t display the way it should be displayed, as you can see in the screenshot on …

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Getting the ModalPopupExtender to work in SharePoint 2007

Getting the ModalPopupExtender from the Ajax Control Toolkit to work (decently) in SharePoint was not exactly a walk in the park. With a default SharePoint installation, the modal popup is partly positioned ‘outside’ of the page (you only see the bottom right part of the popup in the top left corner of the browser). Postbacks …

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PageRequestManagerServerErrorException (status code 500)

In a quick AJAX demo I had to create today, I ran into a (somewhat cryptic) PageRequestManagerServerErrorException. I needed a simple form of the Cascading Dropdown, one that doesn’t use a (web)service for its data, but gets it from a simple method. Here’s the setup, and the cause…Lets start with the exact error message:Microsoft JScript runtime error: Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: An unknown error occurred …

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BloggingAbout: we’re back

Dennis already blogged about it: we had some problems with the availability of BloggingAbout since last night. The error was fixed this afternoon, so everything should be back to normal. If you’re experiencing any difficulties, please let me know through the contact form, or mail me at[at]

Two more weird messages / mess-ups …

A Dutch web site, made in SharePoint, uses a specific ActiveX.Only the name of that control is not really specific:  The MSDN forums haven’t been available the last couple of hours.The message isn’t so pretty: Technorati tags: error, funny

“Some of the properties associated with the solution could not be read”

Next to the message in the subject, one of the symptoms we encountered is that although the solution contains some test projects the ‘Create private accessor’ menu has disappeared. Also, selecting ‘Create unit tests…’ produces an error. And when editing a testrun config and selecting the ‘Code coverage’ option, the settings dialog simply closes, without …

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Sometimes even experts mess up

Today I received a mail from Microsoft with an invitation for an Expert session. As you can see, sometimes even the experts at Microsoft let a glitch through…(Translation of the text inside the circle: Dear sir, madam [personalize],)

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