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Visual Studio: Zero-impact Projects & Cutting/copying empty lines

Yesterday I remembered two Visual Studio options Sara Ford told about in a presentation of her I attended a while back. Changing them made me happy… 🙂 Zero-impact projectsWhen I have to test something real quick, I tend to create a new project in Visual Studio and scribble some code to test whatever I want to test at that point. This …

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Visual Studio 2010: Close all documents

Sometimes it’s the little things that make you love a new product just a bit more. I tend to close stuff I don’t use anymore fairly quickly. Sometimes I even close an Explorer window or an application right after I used it, only to find I need it again in a few moments… We all …

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Visual Studio 2010 and the web.config

While working with Visual Studio 2010, a new feature caught my eye that isn’t communicated (strongly) in the “What’s new” lists you can find online. As part of the Visual Studio 2010 supports  multiple web.config files! Now we can create a separate web.config file for each configuration we have for our application. If you add …

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